Monday, April 12, 2010

New Things

Thanks to Stumble, I've recently become interested in a number of blogs, my current favorites being Hyperbole and a Half by the hilarious Allie Brosh and Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond's blog.  Anyway, I thought that perhaps I too, could attain internet notoriety (or at least have some kind of personal account of this next phase in my life).

Things are changing fast for me at the moment, but I won't talk about that now - I want to talk about Oreos.

We've all thought at some point or another "What am I doing with my life?"  I experienced this the other day.  My room exploded.  Obviously not literally, but most definitely figuratively.  Stuff everywhere.  Clothes, shoes, make-up, electronics, important medical documents, school work, get the idea.  I would have taken a picture for you all to see, but alas, my camera was lost in the explosion.  So I'm sitting in my bed, 100% hungover from the previous night's shenanigans, eating Oreos for breakfast, in a sea of crap and I think "What am I doing with my life?"

In fact, what I was doing with my life is preparing to become a high school chemistry teacher.  In my hungover, oreo-filled stupor, I took the Praxis I exam (which I aced, oh yea I did).  That story is lame and anti-climactic, but it's late and I'm new at this, so be patient.

Anyway.  This blog will most definitely contain more tales of my attempt to teach America's youth, funny anecdotes, childhood memories, social commentary, and possibly even pictures (if I can figure out technology)!  I may also supply you with quotes and songs I enjoy.  Get pumped.


  1. Yes, but who's helping the children?

  2. I thought this was gonna be about oreos...