Saturday, April 17, 2010

Balancing Equations

Lately I've been feeling a mixture of pomposity and dejection. On one hand, my fabulous lab partner and I just won an award at the Undergraduate Research Conference. On the other hand, I've been rejected from all the law schools on my list. On the bright side, I got into Teach For America so I won't be completely lost come May. Anyway, my mixed emotions have put me in a reflective mood...
Since I became a mole-person of the psychology lab, I've spent very little time in any other academic building at NYU. So I found myself reminiscing about my pre-med days as I walked through the Silver Center (main academic building) after the Conference. I remembered having to meet with some big-wig frog-lady in order to get approval to take Honors Chem. She peered at me from behind her glasses and basically said that she did not advise that I take it. I wouldn't do well. Forget it. Obviously I took it, got a B and now I'm going to teach chemistry.  Funny how things work out.  
 This post is random, I need to be funnier.

Side note:  honors chem turned out to be horrendous because of this terrible man ->                     
                    Photo of 
                    isn't he terrible?  He might look harmless with his beard and his carefree tie-less outfit, but he made my first semester of college quite tearful.  If you see him, step on the back of his heels...everyone hates that.


  1. Show me where to find him!!!! Stepping on his heel will be the first of many ways I can think to hurt him!!!

  2. Firstly, anonymous is a thinly vailed Katebabe if I ever read one. If it's not; KATE needs to watch out for someone trying to become her. Question: Why did I have to read the actual blog in a one letter "row" and very long "column" of, at first glance, appears to be - the alphabet??? Now you know I would read whatever you wrote upside down and backwards if necessary BUT really???? Is it necessary???