Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eyjafjallajökull and the Yosemite Conspiracy

In light of the Eyjafjallajökull erupting in Iceland, our pre-bedtime conversation was centered around volcanoes.  Cary mentioned that he thought he heard that a volcano in Yosemite or Yellowstone or something might erupt sometime soon.  Now how would you react to this news?  "Oh really? Interesting" or "That's not good, can we do something about it?" or "Where did you hear that?" are all good options.  Kate, however, flew into a rage:

Kate: Oh they would say that!
Cary: What?
Kate: The MEDIA!  "Oh the attention's not on us! Hey! We're still here! Pay attention to AMERICA!"
Cary and I exchange glances...
Cary: What??
Kate: I don't trust the media.
Cary: But it's seismology.
Kate: Well still.
Me: I'm not sure that this is the appropriate reaction, Kate.
Kate: I just think we exaggerate.

Kate then proceeded to rave about the virtues of Iceland.  Cary was not as enthused and proposed making Iceland a national park.  I reminded him that we cannot make other nations into national parks. And then Kate chimed in:
"Anyway, since when is Iceland a part of Europe??"

I'm still laughing.

By the way, Cary was misinformed.  No eruption anytime soon.


  1. http://www.economicvoice.com/fear-of-yellowstone-eruption-after-iceland-ash-clouds/5009060#axzz0lfiw1ErQ

    This is what I saw. Lesson learned, read below the headline...


  2. Mount Kendall may erupt any day now though

  3. i read this aloud to my roommate so as to explain why i was laughing out loud. - sara

  4. embarrassed by geographyApril 27, 2010 at 10:13 PM


  5. who's embarrassed by geography?