Thursday, June 24, 2010

New York vs. Philadelphia: Subways

Hello all!  I know it's been a while, but I'm in teacher boot camp so I hardly have any time to blog it up. This next entry is first in a new series that I'm calling "A tale of two cities: New York vs. Philadelphia."  Enjoy my comparison of the public transportation system.

New York Subway Map 
Philadelphia Subway Map
Super-sized rats vs. Petite "ratettes"
Sweet Swiping!

Too-Cool Tokens!
Arm crushing doors vs. Gradually sliding doors
Hard bench seats
Hard row seats
Inaudible announcements vs. More inaudible announcements


  1. 1. SEPTA? SEPTA?!?

    2. That map makes minimal to no sense. What would be the harm in layering that over an actual map of Philadelphia? Pshh!

    3. Manhattan eliminated the token years ago....because they are RIDICULOUS!

    Manhattan: 1, Phillie: 0

  2. 1. South East Pennsylvania Transit's very specific.
    2 & 3. Agreed

    I should also add that Philly has trolleys, which is neat. So...that's something!

  3. FUN FACT: My dad used to operate a Philly trolley. The more you know~!