Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bon Appetit 2

I've been going a little crazy because I can't really unpack all my stuff but I also can't really pack it.  I'll be living in a state of flux until June 22nd when I can pack some of my stuff and go to "Institute" (a.k.a. teaching boot camp).  When I feel disorganized in this way, I calm my nerves by creating things - food, art projects, etc.  I've been doing a lot of cooking, so I thought I'd write another cooking post.  This culinary episode actually occurred about a month ago.  Enjoy Pioneer Woman's Onion Strings!

I'm having trouble making these posts look decent.  Oh well.


  1. aww what a good night of delightful treats!!

  2. p.s. paula deen would be proud of those fried dough balls.

  3. those were sooo delicious.

    pd, "who says you can't put mayonnaise on a spicy buttermilk do-nut hole, ya'll"

  4. oh my gosh i want it all -sara